Prices and Fees

At A1 Tutors we pride ourselves on excellent professional tuition at reasonable prices.

Here are our fees when your child travels to our tutor.

  • Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 (GCSE): £30 per hour
  • A/S, A/2: £35 per hour
  • Under graduate: £37 per hour
  • Business & Corporate training: £35 per hour; £5 extra per additional student.
You can choose between travelling to your tutor’s home and asking for a tutor to come to your home. Should you require a tutor to visit you, a call out fee (typically £6 for a local tutor) may be negotiated.

About A1 Tutors

In 1983 full time guitar teacher and working musician Andy Gilbert met languages teacher Lynda Pearl. Lynda taught English French and German to ‘A’ level. They set up home together, each offering private tuition in their given subjects. They very quickly spotted a gap in the market for an agency offering affordable private tuition in general subjects when their clients repeatedly asked if they could recommend tutors of other subjects. This resulted in the creation of the most successful private tuition agency in the Anglian region.

Initially the most requested subject was Spanish, as many people had time-shares in Spain at that time. This was soon surpassed by the core school subjects of Maths, the sciences and English.

Over the years they went on to help many thousands of young people through the school system, pass exams, enter university and complete their degree courses.

Their two children, Joe and Natasha were born in 1989 and 1991. Lynda became increasingly concerned at the state of the nation’s mental health, aware of the toll that pressures in study and work were taking, and went onto complete an advanced diploma in counselling. She subsequently opened The Well Being Therapy Centre, a close-knit team of counsellors dedicated to challenging the convention that counselling, like private tuition should be the domain of the rich.

Andy continued at the helm of A1 Tutors. In 2006 he received a call from Bedfordshire council’s commissioning office. “We have a fifteen year old girl in care, excluded from school, considered unteachable. Can you help?” Andy was shrewd; rather than selecting a year 10 teacher he chose a Special Needs teacher who would normally be picked for younger students from dysfunctional families.

Using techniques of reward, motivation and encouragement the student felt valued for the first time in her life and went onto enjoy learning and pass exams. Andy received another call from Beds. Council. “You did an excellent job with this young lady. You’d better get geared up – there’s a lot more where that came from.” He found himself snowed under with demand to help children who were excluded from school as well as those in school who were struggling or disruptive due to emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Andy is still running the agency, personally overseeing the changes demanded by the ongoing revolution of technology.


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