Benefits of Private Tuition

  • Free to ask questions
    One of the biggest benefits of private tutoring is that you’re free to ask questions! Do you remember being in school and not wanting to ask the teacher to explain for fear of humiliation? Do you remember coming home from your Maths lesson having failed to grasp what the teacher was talking about? Private tuition is a chance to have a friendly, patient tutor to yourself. You can ask her/him to go over it again as many time as you like. Your tutor hasn’t got thirty other children and another class waiting to think about.

  • Learn at your own pace
    No more losing interest if the lessons are too easy, or feeling left behind if the teacher rushes through the lessons at an impossible pace. With 1-1 private tuition, you’ll learn at a pace that you feel comfortable with. If you don’t understand anything, your tutor can take as long as you need to explain it.

  • Achieve better results
    Your hour of private tuition belongs to you alone. Our research proves without doubt that one of the biggest benefits of private tutoring is that students can expect to achieve grades significantly higher than those who do not, are more likely to gain a university place and ultimately do better in life.

  • Maximise your potential
    At A1 Tutors we are geared up and experienced in private tuition and home-schooling, and are aware of the enormous potential that this choice of education offers. It is also a much cheaper option that attending a private school, and worthy of consideration if your child is hoping for a place at one of the nation’s top universities.

How to Home School

  • Why do people choose home schooling?
    The most common reasons for choosing to home-school, sadly, bullying and concern that modern schools lack moral structure. Such students tend to mature as confident, knowledgeable adults having taken the option of home schooling.

  • Is home-schooling legal?
    We are often asked this when people ask us about how to home-school. Many parents chose home schooling over the state-school system. It’s perfectly legal and does not require as many hours tuition as you would have in a school. Two-to three hours private tuition per day plus homework is usually enough. We issue a letter confirming that your child is receiving an education at home with A1 Tutors, which local authorities are obliged to accept. They may send an inspector to check on the student’s progress, which is generally considerably better than average for their year-group.

  • Can my child take exams if s/he is home-schooled?
    Yes. We have tutors who are experienced in home schooling, will teach in the comfort and security of your own home, can guide you through the exam system and allow your child to receive an education in an atmosphere of confidence and safety.

  • Which subjects do you cover?
    Home-schooled students do so well that they often finish their exams up to two years ahead of their school-attending counterparts. They can choose their subjects as soon as they are ready and study for their GCSEs at their own pace. The government does not determine which subjects you must learn but expects the core subjects of Maths, Science and English to be covered.

Prices and Fees

At A1 Tutors we pride ourselves on excellent professional tuition at reasonable prices.

Here are our fees when your child travels to our tutor.

  • Key Stage 1, 2, 3, 4 (GCSE): £25 per hour
  • A/S, A/2: £30 per hour
  • Under graduate: £35 per hour
  • Business & Corporate training: £35 per hour; £5 extra per additional student.
You can choose between travelling to your tutor’s home and asking for a tutor to come to your home. Should you require a tutor to visit you, a call out fee (typically £6 for a local tutor) may be negotiated.

Things To Be Wary Of

Here at A1 Tutors, we’re committed to ensuring you receive a first class education of the highest standard. If you decide to have private tuition, there’s a number of things we think you should be aware of when considering other agencies:

Video tuition
Companies who appear to be advertising personal tuition but who in fact offer video courses. Such companies tend not to give much away when you phone them, preferring to send a representative who then uses hard sell techniques to rope you into a long-term commitment costing upwards of a thousand pounds.

Agencies and teachers who refuse to provide references and screening documents, usually claiming “breach of confidence”. Genuine agencies will have no hesitation in disclosing all of these documents, as it involves no extra work to include a line in the original request asking referees to mark their references “confidential” if they don’t want others to see it. It’s then up to the agency to acquire additional references that can be disclosed.

Free assessments
Be wary of these. Some companies use the offer of a free assessment as an opportunity to send a “consultant” or “representative” whose job it is to persuade you to sign up for a long-term commitment or a course of DVDs. The person you meet might be qualified in sales techniques rather than the subject you need help with. Quality tuition doesn’t need salesmanship. Once you see how helpful the tutor is, the service sells itself.

Always make sure that if you’re expecting individual tuition, that’s what you get. If you’re booking for class or group tuition, it should be clarified in advance, and the price should reflect the number of students.

Unqualified teachers
Some people think that having an ‘A’ level means that they can teach! Some agencies feel that a qualified teacher of an ‘A’ level subject can teach at primary level. Accept nothing less than a person qualified to teach at the level you require. In doubt? Request certificates